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Natural Ingredients

First of all, We aim to only use natural products if possible. Further, we prefer to use organic products where available and also take advantage of the wonderful local products from Central Florida.  We will make every effort to not use fragrances except through natural essential oils or through the aroma of actual products like honey or oatmeal.

Essential Oils

We could spend several pages talking about the value of essential oils in your life.  We believe that adding essential oils to soaps not only gives a great experience but also passes on those benefits.  We’ll provide some pages for you to visit to learn more about essential oils and their properties.


Thank you for visiting Monkey Tree Soaps.  We are a husband and wife team dedicated to making high quality and natural soap.  When we first starting to think about making soap, the intent was to make a product that would be skin “healthy” and move away from commercial products.  We just don’t believe that most commercial soaps really provide that much benefit to the skin (we’re always left with dry skin).  Both of our children have sensitive skin and our son has bouts of eczema that can flare up if not careful.

So, our first attempt at making soap was using a hugely popular, and fairly simple, method call melt and pour.  Simply put, this is a process where you melt down already created soap and then add scents and/or colors, etc.  Unfortunately, you couldn’t precisely control the overall ingredients.

It didn’t take us long to want something more.  We came across a different method call cold process that allows us to create soap from scratch using a process called saponification.  Essentially, the basic formula for making soap is 3 ingredients…..oils, lye and water.  The fun part is deciding which oils to use and in what quantities depending on what qualities you want in your final soap.

What do we like in our soap?  Our personal preferences include creamy, lots of suds and lots of moisture.  We prefer to use all natural products and the only animal products that we use include beeswax and raw honey.  So, most of our products are vegan.

After having so much fun making soap for our family, we’ve decided to open our shelves to the public.  We have been practicing making large batches of soap using all kinds of recipes, essential oils and other additives.  We put a lot of time and love into our soap and hope that you will enjoy as well.

Please let us know if you have any questions about the process or our ingredients.  Have a blessed day!

Terry and Gladys


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