Almost There

  Terry C.   Jul 13, 2015   Blog, Business   Comments Off on Almost There

We are really starting to get excited now because we’re almost there. Currently, we are in the process of building our inventory and we just passed hit our first benchmark. The other night, we finished a batch that now puts our inventory of soap bars at 230 with 10 unique recipes. Woohoo!

While we love using the cold process method for making soap, the most frustrating part is having to wait for your soap to cure. This is a very important step to allowing the lye to come out and also to let the water evaporate to make a hard bar. Nonetheless, half of our inventory is now ready and we’re tempted to just open the store, but I think a little longer won’t kill us.

Right now, we’re estimating about another 2 weeks before we officially launch the store. Of course, we’re not slowing down. In fact, we’ve upped the ante. Just today we enough wood to make 4 new 7.5 pound loaves of soap. This is definitely going to help our production. Each loaf produces about 23 bars and each bar weighs around 4.75 – 5.25 ounces depending on what we put in the soap.

So, you’re asking which soap put us at our benchmark? Well here it is:

Get Your Groove Swirl

Get Your Groove Swirl

Don’t you love that groovy feeling. Well, off to the soap kitchen. Hope everyone has a great night and keep your eyes open for new soaps on the way and the official launch of the store.

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