Monkey Tree Artisan Handmade Soap

  Terry C.   Jul 05, 2015   Blog   Comments Off on Monkey Tree Artisan Handmade Soap

This is the first blog post of Monkey Tree Soaps and we’re excited to begin offering our artisan handmade soap. It has been a great journey with lots of up’s and down’s along the way. Some of the exciting things we’ve been spending time learning is how oils work together to develop hard bars of soap or fluffy lathering, etc. And we also geared up for safety working with lye. Lastly, it’s been great to become educated on the value of essentials oils in regards to skin care. We had no idea the extent of essential oils or the cost for some of them. As we are just getting started, we’re going to have to wait to purchase some of the more expensive ones.

Getting organized in the house to make soap has also been a journey in itself. Separating all food equipment from soap making equipment was our first challenge, but I think we’ve got a handle on that now. Another challenge is WHEN we make soap. We have 2 small children, so doing this during the day is a non-starter. So, you’ll often find us up at midnight in our soap making job.

Okay, just to give an example of how we can screw up like the best (or the worst!). One night we were making a particular soap and we placed the buckets of palm oil and coconut oil on the stove so we could measure out what we needed. However, in the process we actually turned on the burners and melted part of the bottom of the buckets. Hot oil went everywhere and it was a mess. We were able to get it all cleaned, but what a horrible time. We don’t put our supplies on the stove anymore!!

What is our plan with Monkey Tree? We will be opening our online store soon and will offer our soap inventory for purchase. We will also be looking for a table at a nearby farmer’s market. And lastly, I think we’ll try to become involved in various craft shows. We really enjoy making soap and we hope you’ll see that in the product. In the meantime, please look at some of the pictures below to see a glimpse of our inventory. We make new soap all the time and will be blogging about each one moving forward. But, we could really use your input, so please let us know what you think and how we can improve.

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