Selling Soap in Florida

  Terry C.   Jul 21, 2015   Blog, Business   Comments Off on Selling Soap in Florida

So, a number of people have asked us why we don’t explain better the overall qualities or benefits of our soap. For example, is it moisturizing or exfoliating or calming, or good for eczema, or provide information on the benefits of using essential oils, etc. Basically, since we will be selling these soaps, the great state of Florida has regulations for people who make soap in their homes. Essentially, outside of labeling regulations which requires us to show all of our ingredients, we can only say that the soap is for cleansing. If we were to say more than that, then the soap would be considered cosmetic and falls under a whole other set of regulations that would prevent us from making it.

For that reason, we highly recommend that you explore our ingredients and make up your own minds about the qualities of the soap as it relates to what you are looking for. Thanks for the question and please feel free to ask us anything else about soap making. For your convenience, we wanted to make it easy to understand about our ingredients, so click hereto learn about essential oils and click here to learn about popular soap making oils.

Thanks again from your Monkey Tree Soaps team.

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