Soap Colorants and Additives

  Terry C.   Jul 25, 2015   Blog, FAQ   Comments Off on Soap Colorants and Additives


Another great question that we’ve been asked has to do with the colorants that we use in our soaps. When it comes to cosmetics, which soap is part of, you’ll discover a lot of soaps use lab created colorants like pigments, oxides, micas, etc. These can give the beautiful colors that are bright and very attractive.

Now, while these are crated in a lab, some of them are considered natural because they contain the same mineral elements of the actual natural products. That said, we have chosen to remain as natural as possible and stay away from lab produced additives. So, we use natural additives like clays and root powders, etc. Not only do these offer their own interesting colors, but they also bring mineral properties that can be wonderful for your skin.

We may not get the same bright or shiny colors that appear in other soaps, but we feel comfortable with the natural path we’re taking and we think many people would agree. Maybe we’ll change our minds later, but for now this seems like the right decision. What do you think?

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